The Filthy Moustache Gormet Food Truck

It’s super weird how your life can go in a direction you have never thought about, not even a hint of that direction was ever in your psyche. What’s even more mind blowing is actually having a Hollywood movie become the inspiration of our new and exciting future. Let’s just say the movie “Chef” left us with a little more than the satisfaction of a good comedy.

Look, nothing is easy but it becomes easier with passion, friendship and a vision. America has led the way in the evolution of good street food and now it is Johannesburg’s turn to create its own street food culture. The Filthy Moustache Gourmet Food Truck has arrived.

The Filthy team is on a mission to create and establish good street food in Johannesburg. We are a team that is proud to take this business further and further as we grow in the market. We want all the Jozi food lovers to experience our delectable Burgers and Hot Dogs as well as our quirky, naughty, and fun side.

The Filthy Moustache is called Filthy for a reason – a napkin may be required.