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11-D Tyre Sealants are a preventative maintenance product, designed to prevent 95% of

all tyre punctures as they happen. Once applied in the tyre, the sealant remains fluid

as the vehicle is being operated. In the event of a puncture, the sealant will be forced

into the hole due to the gravitational force and the escaping air. The unique formula

will form a permanent seal within moments.

The amount of sealant required varies with the size of the tire, but once applied,

the sealant can offer protection against up to 40 punctures. A few advantages of

using 11-D Tyre Sealants are simple;

= Protection against punctures and subsequent air pressure loss.

= Prevent costly vehicle downtime.

= Prevent frustration due to vehicle downtime.

= Prevent repair and downtime costs.

= Cooler running tires