To provide Outdoor Manufacturers, Suppliers, Marketers, Travel and Tourism with a platform to interact with the Prime Outdoor Enthusiast, at an exhibition which provides a full spectre of exhibits and entertainment to enable successful interaction to market to your key customers.


  • Leading Outdoor and Adventure Specialists
  • Cutting edge exhibitions for over 23 years
  • Creative and innovative team
  • Conceptualising events and promotions to meet clients needs
  • Providers of professional service and commitment to clients
  • Emphasis on excitement, innovation and creativity
  • Creators of new dimension of understanding of exhibitions
  • Forever pushing the boundaries of outdoor edu-exhibitions and exploring new ideas to the full

Our ultimate aim is to provide visitors to the Expo with a total Outdoor Experience , that there is no avenue in the outdoor, adventure, 4×4 and travel industry that is left out. By linking in with the key advertising and promotional mediums, we are sure to attract the right target market to the Expo, giving you, the exhibitor, the perfect marketing platform to create a 3d advert to market your product. Our sponsors and we at Outdoor Exhibition Organisers will do everything we can to make the show not only a success but a lot of fun for all too, the rest is up to you!